Why are Photo Booth’s great entertainment for all ages

Photo Booths have been all the rage for parties, weddings, birthdays and people love them. Why is that?

Kids love to run into photo booths because they get to pretend to be so many different characters. Girls love being a princess where as boys love to be a superhero like Batman or the Hulk. It can be hard to get into the booth because kids usually run straight back in once getting new props.

Teenage girls love to do ducklings and cuddle their best friends.

Teenage boys try to get their muscles out with the occasional funny prop.

Adults love them  because they get to act goofy and no one will bat an eyelid at how silly they look.

Having the picture strips is a great reminder with an awesome night with friends and family. Kids cant wait to show everyone where as some adults might be a bit embarrassed because they are dressed as a monkey.

Some Photo Booth’s come with multiple options like black and white, colour and being able to leave a video message. Having these options makes it fun for the users at any party or function. Its great to be able to go through the photos with friends in years to come.

When booking a Photo Booth some companies will give you a usb and book included. The usb should have all photos taken on the night. The book can be used by your guests to stick in the photo strips and write messages. Its great to be able read through your book and see pictures of your loved ones and friends having fun on your special birthday or wedding day because they become memories that last a life time.

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