Our top tips for hiring a photo booth at your wedding

Photo Booths are on the rise and are the latest must have at any party especially a wedding. This is because they are great fun and all ages love going in there and setting photos done with silly poses and props. The photo strips are a great reminder of an amazing night. It would be a wasted opportunity not to have a photo booth and get great photos of friends and family acting like their goofy selves. I know planning a wedding can be stressful (trust me, I know. My big day is about six months away) and that is why G&R Photo Booth Hire aims to make your day go smoothly and without any stress. Below are our tips for hiring a Photo Booth at your wedding (or any function/event really)

Figure out what type of Booth you want

An open Booth is fantastic for taking large group shoots of people. An enclosed Booth can usually only fit 6 people in comfortably but also gives off a more intimate feeling. Guests usually like the enclosed booth as no one can see them being silly with props.

Do your research on companies in and around your area

Do they have packages which meet your needs? Are they able to offer you the type of Booth you are after? Ask to see photographs of different backdrops or curtains that they offer with their Photo Booth. Also ask for photos of inside the Booth otherwise it might be set up for the night and could be surprised to see a bench in there. We always go that extra mile and ensure our set up goes with the colour scheme of any event.

Extra time on night

Previous to booking, ask if there is any chance that on the night there is an option of paying for an extra hour. There is nothing worse than having the Photo Booth packed up when the wedding is really starting to take off. It is always best to check if this is possible to save disappointment on the night.

Ensure there is enough room at the venue for the Photo Booth

Some times its hard to see how much room a Photo Booth can take up. Some can take up a large amount of space because its usually not just the Photo Booth. Many companies use a prop table and a table for the photo book. Photo Booths always attracts a crowd so the best place to have one is to the side of the room.

 Letting with your guests that the photo booth is ready to be used

A great way of getting loads of silly photos is to ensure your guests know that the photo booth is able to be used. Don’t forget to use the Booth and experience the fun for yourself.  Once people see it being used they all start making plenty of memories of your special day.

Ensure there are props that are appropriate for your wedding

There is nothing worse than choosing from all the props when you see some that should have been used for an 18th and not a wedding. If you would prefer that some props were left out, your attendant shouldn’t have any problems doing that. You can also ask the attendant if you could leave some props for the guests to use if you have any.

Photo book

Often if a photo book is included in a package they are plain as they have to cater for all events. If you are looking for that little bit extra for your photo book for your wedding, ask the company if you are able to upgrade (some will with an extra cost). If they don’t you can always go and purchase your own book.


Ask if the package you booked includes a usb. Guests won’t always stick in a photo strip  and that is where the usb comes in. The usb should contain all images (originals and the photo strips). You can print them the photos and stick them in the book.

Stressing about the photo strip design

The last thing you want when planning you wedding is not seeing a final copy of the photo strip template . We always aim to have the photo strip template given the okay by clients a month before hand. We use the booth and get a print out so they can get the feel of the strip before the big day.

The big lead up to your big day

We always aim to make your as easy as possible so we keep in contact before your big day. We do this to see if there are any other questions that may have popped into your head or to double check the details we have are correct.

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