Why you should hire a photo booth at your next Christmas break up

With Christmas being three months away (or ninety six days to be exact), it’s time that the Christmas work break up party gets planned. Below are great reasons to talk your boss into hiring a photo booth to lighten up your work break up party. How many times a year do you hang out with the people from your work unless its work? I’m guessing it’s not a lot unless you have a great boss who spoils his employees. So why not make the end of year party a big one and not one to forget.

Making memories that last a life time

Great memories are made in photo booths. It’s hard not too with all the fun and silly props. These great memories turn into awesome and funny stories which will brighten up your workplace for many years to come especially with the photo strips sitting at someone’s desk or in the staff room.

Great options for backdrops

Having an open photo booth with a Christmas tree as the back drop looks amazing. Hanging up some snowflakes against a black back drop looks great as well. The options are endless. Imagine having a Christmas party with family invited and seeing your kids face in wow when there is snow falling in their pictures.

Entertainment for everybody

Photo Booths are great entertainment for everybody, so even if it’s a family event it will be loved by everyone. With lots of different props, you can bet it will be used again and again. We always bring a mixture of props including our Christmas range which includes Santa hats, elves ears plus more.

Value for money

Hiring a photo booth is great value for money with unlimited print strips. The best part is that we can completely customise a photo strip with your business logo giving your business extra exposure.

To book some great entertainment at your next work brake up party, email Ruby at info@grphotoboothhire.com.au

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