Family Disco Fundraiser

Last sunday we donated our time and photo booth for a family disco fundraiser. It was organised by a woman named Loz who raises money for the Cancer Council by doing relay for life and numerous events through out the year.

Loz’s story

Meeting Loz on sunday she told me about her journey with Cervical Cancer and is very happy to say that she is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed almost three years ago.  It was during her labour with her son that doctors believed that something might be wrong. Loz had no signs or symptoms and was in complete shock when she was asked to come back in a few weeks for testing.

Loz was only 31 years old at the time with two young children when she found out that she did have cervical cancer. She couldn’t believe and thought she was too young to get cancer.

With further testing doctors found a 5 centimetre tumour on her cervix. They couldn’t believe that she was able to conceive and give birth naturally with a tumour of this size obstructing her cervix. Loz received the news that the tumour was inoperable. If the treatment didn’t work there was nothing else that they could do for her.

Loz’s treatments and curing her cancer

After many treatments Loz had a MRI. The results showed that the tumour had shrunk to just a small dot. Doctors, Loz, family and friends were ecstatic with the news. The check ups are now yearly which is a great achievement.

Going through treatment with two young children was incredibly tough. Loz and her husband luckily had family to help with their children while they had  important appointments. Loz’s husband is self-employed and had to take time off work to be her carer. This time in Loz’s life was very hard – dealing with such a life changing cancer and missing out on her children growing up. Loz is very thankful to family and friends. She believes that her family would not have been able to get through everything without the love and support from them.

Loz strongly believes that having her son saved her life and refers to him as her miracle baby.

Since being diagnosed Loz is driven to raise money for this cause as she wants to help others that are in the same situation that she was. Loz has participated in the Bellarine Relay For Life in Ocean Grove for the last three years with her team ‘Team Loz’. For the past two years she has been a secretary on the committee.

Loz does sausage sizzles throughout the year, pie drives and an annual auction night to try to raise money.

Results from the family disco fundraiser 

Team Loz was able to raise $377.90 at the family disco fundraiser. Anne from Fabulous creations ( was there donating her time and effort. Mitch from dj mitch ( was also there giving the children and adults great entertainment. Volunteers ensured that the day went smoothly.

Relay for life

 On October the 28th at 3.45pm the Relay for Life starts at Leopold Primary school and finishes on the 29th at 12pm. There will be fantastic entertainment for kids and the whole family –  Anne from Fabulous faces will be there, Superhero characters, dazzling dan the magic man, jumping castles, karate demo’s plus live bands throughout the event. There will also be food vans. Its expected to be a great day for everyone. 


To make a donation to Loz and this great cause please head to:

Visit for more information on this great cause


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