Bri’s 21st birthday

Bri’s 21st birthday

This time last weekend I was so nervous and excited. I had my first photo Booth booking which was for Bri’s 21st birthday. The night before I wrote out a list of what I had to bring. I triple checked it before packing it into my car.

Driving up to the venue, I had butterfly’s in my stomach. Walking into venue I was introduced to Kaia which is Bri’s mum. She showed me where to set up than it was time to unpack the car.  Thankfully the venue had an elevator otherwise it was up 2 sets of narrow stairs.

Once I started to set up a little girl came over to have a look at the props. The smile on her face was huge as she looked at all the props. She told me that she couldn’t wait to start taking photos. I did a quick test print to make sure everything was ready to go and people came over and started to use the booth. My newest prop the “Ned Kelly Mask” had great feedback and ladies loved the necklaces and feather boa’s.

Almost 400 hundred photos were taken and many more were printed. Guests loved the idea of sticking them into a book with a personalised message for the birthday girl.

When I was all packed up, I went to say goodbye to Kaia. She thanked me for such great entertainment for Bri and her guests. I emailed her a few days later to see how the rest of night went and that I hoped Bri had a great night. She replied saying that Bri had a great night and loved her book with the photo strips and messages. Its something that she can always look back on to remember the night.


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