Celebrating life party

Celebrating life party

A celebrating life party means different things to different people, keep reading to learn about one that we have recently done.

It was just over a month ago that I got email regarding an event. We normally get inquiries for birthdays and weddings but this one was different. It was for a party to celebrate someone’s life. When you receive some bad news some people try to make the most of their life and celebrate the important things with friends and family. That is exactly what this client wanted for her mum.

I wanted to make this booking go smoothly and without any worries to myself or the client. This was not the case everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. There was so point in crying about it so I fixed everything I could and left. It had been raining most of the day and when I got to the client’s house, there was mud galore. I think I had three inches of mud on my shoes after I got my gear in. As it was meant to be an outside event everything had to be changed around. Luckily I am able to change my set ups to suit the areas that I need to work in.

This celebrating life party was completely different to what I had imagined. There was so much laughter and loving embraces. The Photo Booth was never quiet and there was always a line to use it. People were busy creating memories to talk about for years to come. Guests loved that they were able to stick a photo strip into the photo album and write loving memories.

The clients mum loves cats, everyone who knows her, knows this. We couldn’t help but get a sneaky photo in with one of her daughters cats. I don’t think he enjoyed it too much as he tried to attack my curtains later on.

The client and her family were welcoming and made me feel so relaxed like I knew them personally. The way that they have approached this situation is something that we can all learn from. To live your life to the fullest that you can, laugh more often and frown a lot less.

The Royal Yacht Club Geelong

The  Royal Yacht Club Geelong

Walking into the Royal Yacht Club Geelong always takes my breath away. It’s a stunning venue and always has amazing views. We have worked a few functions at the Royal Yacht Club in Geelong before and we love second of it. The staff are always great and easy to work with. Due to the amazing view, we always great photos of our Photo Booth set up’s.


Our first wedding at the Royal Yacht Club

Our first wedding of 2018 was for Kelly and Mark at the Royal Yacht Club in January. It was a 44 degree day and as you can imagine basically everything was melting. Walking into the Royal Yacht Club, the cool air hit me and I instantly felt better. The staff were wonderful – asking if I needed a drink or a hand. The set up that they accomplished for Kelly and Mark’s wedding was amazing.

Everyone loved the Photo Booth

During the night, two young girls decided that they wanted to run the Photo Booth. They explained to guests how to use it, start each session, grab the photo strips for each session, explained how the photo album worked and tidied up after each photo session. The girls loved it and had a great time. They liked trying out different props and poses in between helping other’s using the Photo Booth. Everyone loved the photo Booth and loved that they got to take home their photo strips.

There was a cool breeze on the decking of the Royal Yacht Club which overlooks the water. You could see the faint outline of the youyangs and Melbourne lighting up with its night life. The newly married couple was called up to do their first dance as man and wife. Seeing the way that they looked at each other, you could easily see that they are meant for each other.

The feedback which I received from Kelly and her mother Beverley was amazing. I wish this amazing couple all the best for their future together.

Ruby’s Hens lunch

Our open photo booth for Ruby’s Hens lunch

Walking into the house, it looked like a fairy tale. Someone had obviously gone to a lot of trouble. There was a grazing board with so much food. My mouth was watering as soon as I looked at it. Behind the grazing board there were vines and a rose gold ‘love’ balloon. To keep with the theme, we used our gold back drop in our open photo booth. We also added flowers and vines to hang across the backdrop.




Introducing our new template option


During this event the bride to be couldn’t decide on just one photo strip template design. We were able set up our photo booth to use three different templates that the user could decide which template they would like to use. There is a video of the bride to be using this feature. To view the video please click on this link:  www.facebook.com/grphotoboothhire/videos/287676491741715/









As well as having our open photo booth, the maid of honour planned a few different games including diy wedding dress with toilet paper, Jenga where you write a bit of advice on a block for the bride to be and instead of writing a card you put on lipstick and kiss a photo frame and sign it. We were lucky enough to get photos of the diy wedding dress in our open photo booth.








The bride to be brought her own photo album which was a white album with a rose gold love heart on the front. It really suited the theme and its great that she is able to look back on and read the book and see the memories of one of her biggest days.

To see the photos from this event please go to www.facebook.com/grphotoboothhire


Family Disco Fundraiser

Last sunday we donated our time and photo booth for a family disco fundraiser. It was organised by a woman named Loz who raises money for the Cancer Council by doing relay for life and numerous events through out the year.

Loz’s story

Meeting Loz on sunday she told me about her journey with Cervical Cancer and is very happy to say that she is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed almost three years ago.  It was during her labour with her son that doctors believed that something might be wrong. Loz had no signs or symptoms and was in complete shock when she was asked to come back in a few weeks for testing.

Loz was only 31 years old at the time with two young children when she found out that she did have cervical cancer. She couldn’t believe and thought she was too young to get cancer.

With further testing doctors found a 5 centimetre tumour on her cervix. They couldn’t believe that she was able to conceive and give birth naturally with a tumour of this size obstructing her cervix. Loz received the news that the tumour was inoperable. If the treatment didn’t work there was nothing else that they could do for her.

Loz’s treatments and curing her cancer

After many treatments Loz had a MRI. The results showed that the tumour had shrunk to just a small dot. Doctors, Loz, family and friends were ecstatic with the news. The check ups are now yearly which is a great achievement.

Going through treatment with two young children was incredibly tough. Loz and her husband luckily had family to help with their children while they had  important appointments. Loz’s husband is self-employed and had to take time off work to be her carer. This time in Loz’s life was very hard – dealing with such a life changing cancer and missing out on her children growing up. Loz is very thankful to family and friends. She believes that her family would not have been able to get through everything without the love and support from them.

Loz strongly believes that having her son saved her life and refers to him as her miracle baby.

Since being diagnosed Loz is driven to raise money for this cause as she wants to help others that are in the same situation that she was. Loz has participated in the Bellarine Relay For Life in Ocean Grove for the last three years with her team ‘Team Loz’. For the past two years she has been a secretary on the committee.

Loz does sausage sizzles throughout the year, pie drives and an annual auction night to try to raise money.

Results from the family disco fundraiser 

Team Loz was able to raise $377.90 at the family disco fundraiser. Anne from Fabulous creations (www.facebook.com/funfabulouscreations) was there donating her time and effort. Mitch from dj mitch (www.facebook.com/djmitchgeelong) was also there giving the children and adults great entertainment. Volunteers ensured that the day went smoothly.

Relay for life

 On October the 28th at 3.45pm the Relay for Life starts at Leopold Primary school and finishes on the 29th at 12pm. There will be fantastic entertainment for kids and the whole family –  Anne from Fabulous faces will be there, Superhero characters, dazzling dan the magic man, jumping castles, karate demo’s plus live bands throughout the event. There will also be food vans. Its expected to be a great day for everyone. 


To make a donation to Loz and this great cause please head to: http://fundraising.cancer.org.au/site/TR?team_id=51903&pg=team&fr_id=4806

Visit www.relayforlife.org.au for more information on this great cause


Why you should hire a photo booth at your next Christmas break up

With Christmas being three months away (or ninety six days to be exact), it’s time that the Christmas work break up party gets planned. Below are great reasons to talk your boss into hiring a photo booth to lighten up your work break up party. How many times a year do you hang out with the people from your work unless its work? I’m guessing it’s not a lot unless you have a great boss who spoils his employees. So why not make the end of year party a big one and not one to forget.

Making memories that last a life time

Great memories are made in photo booths. It’s hard not too with all the fun and silly props. These great memories turn into awesome and funny stories which will brighten up your workplace for many years to come especially with the photo strips sitting at someone’s desk or in the staff room.

Great options for backdrops

Having an open photo booth with a Christmas tree as the back drop looks amazing. Hanging up some snowflakes against a black back drop looks great as well. The options are endless. Imagine having a Christmas party with family invited and seeing your kids face in wow when there is snow falling in their pictures.

Entertainment for everybody

Photo Booths are great entertainment for everybody, so even if it’s a family event it will be loved by everyone. With lots of different props, you can bet it will be used again and again. We always bring a mixture of props including our Christmas range which includes Santa hats, elves ears plus more.

Value for money

Hiring a photo booth is great value for money with unlimited print strips. The best part is that we can completely customise a photo strip with your business logo giving your business extra exposure.

To book some great entertainment at your next work brake up party, email Ruby at info@grphotoboothhire.com.au

Our top tips for hiring a photo booth at your wedding

Photo Booths are on the rise and are the latest must have at any party especially a wedding. This is because they are great fun and all ages love going in there and setting photos done with silly poses and props. The photo strips are a great reminder of an amazing night. It would be a wasted opportunity not to have a photo booth and get great photos of friends and family acting like their goofy selves. I know planning a wedding can be stressful (trust me, I know. My big day is about six months away) and that is why G&R Photo Booth Hire aims to make your day go smoothly and without any stress. Below are our tips for hiring a Photo Booth at your wedding (or any function/event really)

Figure out what type of Booth you want

An open Booth is fantastic for taking large group shoots of people. An enclosed Booth can usually only fit 6 people in comfortably but also gives off a more intimate feeling. Guests usually like the enclosed booth as no one can see them being silly with props.

Do your research on companies in and around your area

Do they have packages which meet your needs? Are they able to offer you the type of Booth you are after? Ask to see photographs of different backdrops or curtains that they offer with their Photo Booth. Also ask for photos of inside the Booth otherwise it might be set up for the night and could be surprised to see a bench in there. We always go that extra mile and ensure our set up goes with the colour scheme of any event.

Extra time on night

Previous to booking, ask if there is any chance that on the night there is an option of paying for an extra hour. There is nothing worse than having the Photo Booth packed up when the wedding is really starting to take off. It is always best to check if this is possible to save disappointment on the night.

Ensure there is enough room at the venue for the Photo Booth

Some times its hard to see how much room a Photo Booth can take up. Some can take up a large amount of space because its usually not just the Photo Booth. Many companies use a prop table and a table for the photo book. Photo Booths always attracts a crowd so the best place to have one is to the side of the room.

 Letting with your guests that the photo booth is ready to be used

A great way of getting loads of silly photos is to ensure your guests know that the photo booth is able to be used. Don’t forget to use the Booth and experience the fun for yourself.  Once people see it being used they all start making plenty of memories of your special day.

Ensure there are props that are appropriate for your wedding

There is nothing worse than choosing from all the props when you see some that should have been used for an 18th and not a wedding. If you would prefer that some props were left out, your attendant shouldn’t have any problems doing that. You can also ask the attendant if you could leave some props for the guests to use if you have any.

Photo book

Often if a photo book is included in a package they are plain as they have to cater for all events. If you are looking for that little bit extra for your photo book for your wedding, ask the company if you are able to upgrade (some will with an extra cost). If they don’t you can always go and purchase your own book.


Ask if the package you booked includes a usb. Guests won’t always stick in a photo strip  and that is where the usb comes in. The usb should contain all images (originals and the photo strips). You can print them the photos and stick them in the book.

Stressing about the photo strip design

The last thing you want when planning you wedding is not seeing a final copy of the photo strip template . We always aim to have the photo strip template given the okay by clients a month before hand. We use the booth and get a print out so they can get the feel of the strip before the big day.

The big lead up to your big day

We always aim to make your as easy as possible so we keep in contact before your big day. We do this to see if there are any other questions that may have popped into your head or to double check the details we have are correct.

Bri’s 21st birthday

Bri’s 21st birthday

This time last weekend I was so nervous and excited. I had my first photo Booth booking which was for Bri’s 21st birthday. The night before I wrote out a list of what I had to bring. I triple checked it before packing it into my car.

Driving up to the venue, I had butterfly’s in my stomach. Walking into venue I was introduced to Kaia which is Bri’s mum. She showed me where to set up than it was time to unpack the car.  Thankfully the venue had an elevator otherwise it was up 2 sets of narrow stairs.

Once I started to set up a little girl came over to have a look at the props. The smile on her face was huge as she looked at all the props. She told me that she couldn’t wait to start taking photos. I did a quick test print to make sure everything was ready to go and people came over and started to use the booth. My newest prop the “Ned Kelly Mask” had great feedback and ladies loved the necklaces and feather boa’s.

Almost 400 hundred photos were taken and many more were printed. Guests loved the idea of sticking them into a book with a personalised message for the birthday girl.

When I was all packed up, I went to say goodbye to Kaia. She thanked me for such great entertainment for Bri and her guests. I emailed her a few days later to see how the rest of night went and that I hoped Bri had a great night. She replied saying that Bri had a great night and loved her book with the photo strips and messages. Its something that she can always look back on to remember the night.


Why are Photo Booth’s great entertainment for all ages

Photo Booths have been all the rage for parties, weddings, birthdays and people love them. Why is that?

Kids love to run into photo booths because they get to pretend to be so many different characters. Girls love being a princess where as boys love to be a superhero like Batman or the Hulk. It can be hard to get into the booth because kids usually run straight back in once getting new props.

Teenage girls love to do ducklings and cuddle their best friends.

Teenage boys try to get their muscles out with the occasional funny prop.

Adults love them  because they get to act goofy and no one will bat an eyelid at how silly they look.

Having the picture strips is a great reminder with an awesome night with friends and family. Kids cant wait to show everyone where as some adults might be a bit embarrassed because they are dressed as a monkey.

Some Photo Booth’s come with multiple options like black and white, colour and being able to leave a video message. Having these options makes it fun for the users at any party or function. Its great to be able to go through the photos with friends in years to come.

When booking a Photo Booth some companies will give you a usb and book included. The usb should have all photos taken on the night. The book can be used by your guests to stick in the photo strips and write messages. Its great to be able read through your book and see pictures of your loved ones and friends having fun on your special birthday or wedding day because they become memories that last a life time.

Behind the scenes of G&R Photo Booth Hire

Today I thought I would let you know a little bit about G&R Photo Booth Hire behind the scenes. My partner and I  recently moved to Lara  with our two children. I can honestly say it was a great move as we are all enjoying it. I have been a stay at home mum for five years and am loving it but have wanted to get back into the workforce.

While being home, I decided to study photography which has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager. I have never enjoyed studying so much and couldn’t wait to learn more. I took every opportunity I could to get out there with my camera. A friend was having a photo booth at her party when the company cancelled at the last minute, so I volunteered with my camera, backdrop and a few props. I loved every minute of it.

Another passion of mine is party planning and setting up a yummy lolly table. Who can resist a great lolly table while they are at a party? I’m sure I am not  alone when I say that I can’t.

With my love of planning parties and photography, I came up with G&R Photo Booth Hire. At the moment we have a photo booth  and have recently just added two Glass Beverage Dispenser’s ready to be hired. I cant wait to see what other products we can add.